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PROJECTS:    maintaining a liquid approach...

Liquid architecture.  It's like jazz - you improvise, you work together, you play off each other, you make something, they make something...

- Frank Gehry

PROJECTS:    residential


Residential projects taken on by Level 5 Design range from custom homes to small additions and remodels.  Level 5 Design maintains a liquid approach to residential design.  By working in tandem with the homeowner we are able to deliver quality architecture which reflects the style and personality of the owner.

With a background which includes planning and building, we have the expertise and ability to guide the owner thru the processes of design, permit processing and construction.

PROJECTS:    commercial

Commercial projects impose a set of design principles which must be delicately addressed.  The effort of commercial architecture must be centered around the core function of the business for which the building will serve.

Level 5 Design makes every effort to work with and organize the design team to create a functional and inviting space which cultivates the advancement of the company.

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