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Level 5 Design was founded by Michael T. Smee in March of 2003.  Michael is known for innovative solutions to complex problems and provides knowledge and experience from a broad range of disciplines.  His background includes residential and commercial design, permit processing and construction management.  He also has experience in the construction trades, which allows him to effectively design projects to suit specific conditions and contractor requirements.  This interdisciplinary study has led to a practical knowledge of construction practices and brings value to the relationship between owner, contractor and designer.

Based in San Diego, Level 5 Design has a range of work which includes Southern California, as well as out of state.



Level 5 Design understands that a productive design team is one that can effectively communicate ideas across a variety of media, and with a variety of industry professionals.  

Lastly, it is important that each one of us realize the footprint we leave on the earth.  For this reason Level 5 Design is committed to introducing design options to owners that push the boundaries of sustainability.  We encourage everyone to look beyond the constraints of their daily lives and find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

​Green ... is not just a color!

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